Manual Handling Training Birmingham

Manual Handling Training

All companies have manual handling – the use of people to shift stock by hand. Under health and safety legislation, there is a duty to identify where this shifting could lead to a significant risk of injury and then to take common sense measures to reduce the risk. Avoidance of the shifting is always the best option, typically followed by the use of machinery. However, for most businesses, physical handling by people will always be required for some tasks – as will manual handling training, to ensure that they do it as safely as possible.

Manual Handling training can be undertaken in a number of ways, this course usually lasts half a day, but this can be extended to accomodate those who may be undertaking a more serious manual handling role.

Manual Handling TrainingKey benefits:

  • Highly experienced instructors
  • Delivered in a participative and interesting manner, designed to encourage involvement
  • Can be adapted to suit your needs – in terms of duration and the loads / tasks which are focussed upon
  • Contributes to fulfilling your legal obligations
  • Can be used to motivate staff and show them the individual benefit of addressing this particular H&S issue

Topics include:

  • Injuries associated with manual handling
  • A simple overview of the anatomy of the lumbar spine – re-emphasises personal implications of good and bad technique
  • Team handling
  • Good handling technique
  • Practical handling exercises with a range of representative loads

The course is suitable for a wide range of staff from those with obvious work related handling tasks through to sales and office staff who may appear to have much less manual handling involved in their work related activities. All are vulnerable to manual handling injuries (whether at work or at home), so all will benefit from a knowledge of good technique.

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