Physical Intervention Training Birmingham

Physical Intervention Training

For individuals working within the Private Security Industry

Our Physical Intervention course has been constructed to comply with the updated element of Escorting and Disengagement that came into force on 1 June 2010 by the SIA.

All individuals that currently hold a Door Supervision licence will be required to take part in a Physical Intervention course that complies with the new core competencies by May 2011.

The Training Service continues to be at the forefront in respect of providing the core key skills that the security industry requires by delivering the Physical InterventonI training course to clients. Our course focuses on the situations and types of conflicts that affect Door Supervisors in their everyday life as a frontline Door Supervisor.

Our training course has been constructed using the differing elements of self defence and conflict management skills to resolve and confine a dangerous or high risk conflict situation. The elements require the minimum amount of force and physical contact necessary in order for them to become effective.

The elements and techniques have been constructed to work alongside the following qualifications:

  • Security Industry Authority Core Competency Module in Conflict Management
  • City & Guilds 1884 – Level 2 in Conflict Management

The benefits of utlising the elements and techniques contained within this training programme are:

  • It is not based upon strength, stature or fitness of the Door Supervisor applying these techniques
  • Non aggressive approach
  • These elements and techniques work with the minimal use of force
  • These techniques have proven to be very effective out in the field under rigorous scenario testing
  • Can be learnt and taught quickly
  • These techniques are adaptable in their approach

Our Physical Intervention techniques have been constructed on a set of skills and principles that can be easily ustilsed and adapted to deal with different situations and types of conflict.

Our Physical intervention consists of the following core elements, which will enable you to take action and solve most problems that are presented during various scenarios.

Our training programme is continually monitored and reviewed for continual relevance in respect of legal compliance, medical suitability and calculated effectiveness. All of our Trainers update and refresh their skills on a regular basis in order to comply with Sector requirements.

Qualification information

Course duration: 1 day programme

Cost: £75 per person – cost includes examination and certification fees

To reserve a place on our course, please contact us on 0121 553 4653