Weapons Awareness Training Course Birmingham

Weapons Awareness Training Course

Introduction to Weapons awareness and recognition ( For anyone whose role may bring them into contact with persons who may be inclined to have them about their person.)

Did you know that legislation now requires employers to provide certain training for their staff?

What do you see ?

Weapons Awareness Training Course

The main function being to promote safety and prevention of injury or loss of life by educating people to think positively about weapons. The unlawful carrying of weapons has become an issue of high profile concern over recent years. The proliferation of weapons in our towns and cities now poses a significant threat to people whose occupation or lifestyle may bring them into contact with such items that cause harm.

The course will explain the various weapons, including made and adapted, intended and most importantly disguised. The overall emphasis throughout the course is the awareness and recognition to personal and public safety. All persons attending the course will be accredited with an attendance certificate

  • Door Supervisors
  • Security Personnel
  • Event Stewards
  • Community Wardens
  • Policing
  • Hospital Staff
  • Lone Workers
  • Teachers & Educational staff
  • Retail Management
  • Publicans
  • Medical Centres
  • Taxi drivers
  • Estate Agents

In fact anyone whose job might bring them into contact with people and weapons.

The Basic Weapons Awareness & Recognition Course is not intended to teach the student the law relating to ‘Weapons’. This is due to its complexity and the breadth of legislation the trainer and the student would have to cover to do the subject justice.

However, the course does show and explain the various types of weapons and includes; made, adapted, intended & disguised. The emphasis on the course is on ‘personal and public safety’.

Remember that the carrying of any type of weapon in a public place or indeed anywhere without a good and valid reason is inviting trouble and is illegal.

DO NOT PUT YOURSELF or STAFF AT RISK BY THINKING “This doesn’t apply to me!”

We all have a duty of care to ourselves and each other.

Course Duration    ½ day

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